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Japan Yaeyama Chlorella 300't 200mg

Category: Immune System  | Cost: SGD ($) 28


Like Spirulina , is a single -celled, fresh water algae. Chlorella is the first plant life form on earth for more than two billion years.

Chlorella contains 19 amino acids including all the
eight essential aminos, 20 different vitamins and
minerals, RNA and DNA, chlorophyll and protein.

What are the benefits?
-           Chlorella exhibits a capacity to promote growth and weight gain. When Dr Yoshio Yamagishi administered 2 gms of Chlorella daily for 4 months to 22 boys and 18 girls. He found that the boy grow an average of one inch and put on 2-3 pounds while the girls by an average of 0.9 inch and put on 4.2 pounds.

-           Chlorella has a significant stimulating effect on the immune system improving resistance to cold viruses.

-           Chlorella contains one of the highest natural sources of RNA of DNA (nucleic factors that keep the body cells healthy and rejuvenate the thus preventing aging). As early as at the age of 20,the body natural production of RHA and DNA becomes sluggish.

-           Chlorella has impressive amounts of beta-carotene, an efficient antioxidant, it helps lower the free radical burden on the body (free radicals destroys living cells). Beta-carotene is also effective against carcinogenic pollutants.

-           Chlorella contains more chlorophyll per gram than other plans. Chlorophyll speeds up the rate of cleansing the bowels, bloodstream and liver, acts as a deodorant, aids wound healing.

-           Chlorella has also been reported to be effective for patients with stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis, normalising digestion, regulates blood pressure and cholestrol levels.

Located on the pristine coral reef Island of Ishigaki off the coast of Japan, Yaeyama is the largest Chlorella grower in Japan. The world pioneer in large-scale production, Yaeyama has over 35 years experience in research and growth of Chlorella. Fed by pure mountain drinking water and food-grade nutrients, Chlorella ponds bask in the clean air and sunshine of this protected island. Rigorously tested by the Japanese government and independent laboratories.

Cracked Open Cell Walls for Digestibility: By gently cracking the individual cell walls without damaging the nutrients inside, Yaeyama’s patented jet spray dry process guarantees that you get full nutrition from Chlorella. You’ll taste and feel the difference Yaeyama quality makes.

Quantity: Price: S$ 28.00

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